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About us

Facility Management


facilityFacility Management is quite fresh dimension in Ukrainian market but is already entrenched practice which is fully justified itself in the market in Western countries.

Relying on the experience of our Western partners, we offer to optimize all "domestic" processes in the offices of our clients. We organize the work of the office to let the employees of the Client to carry out their work without being distracted by domestic issues.

A key element in determining the benefits of Facility Management is the coordinated work of all services as a single complex. Coherence of all processes allows you to flexibly respond to the constant changes in the environment and to reduce the internal costs of property exploitation, as well as the surrounding areas.

How does it work? It's very simple. We select for you the best solutions in all areas of service - from the choice and supply of water and coffee to your office reconfiguration and maintenance of engineering systems.

Our advantages

galochka3We provide the new level of maintenance, that minimizes involving a client to this process

galochka3Compliance with all regulations and laws of Ukraine, providing a full package of documents

galochka3Adaptation of services to the client’s needs

galochka324/7 reaction on clients applications

galochka3Highly qualified stuff educated abroad

Green standards

standarti-home-engMANZANA helps you in fighting with environmental pollution by ecological utilization of means of office vital activity. MANZANA, focusing on trends in Western countries, as much as possible adapts its services to new developments and trends of the modern world.


We promote "green standards" in activities of offices of large organizations by continuous expansion of the list of recycle services:

  • Collection and recycling of batteries, fluorescent lamps
  • Recycling of paper, plastic (providing separate containers)
  • Solid waste management, furniture disposal
  • Recycling of office and computer equipment


Within the PR campaign on results of year, we make a ranking of the most socially active companies in the field of ecological recycling of office equipment and other waste.