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Green companies

"Save a Tree" campaign

Every day a huge amount of paper is thrown from our offices and homes. If handled properly and if each of us expends some effort, this paper can be reused, saving thousands of trees.

Processing of one ton of recycled paper saves over 15 trees, 20,000 liters of water, 1000 kWh of electricity and prevents the release of 1700 kg of CO2. Participation of each is extremely valuable, as the problem of waste and unsustainable consumption of Planets resources concerns each of us and affects our immediate future in most direct way.


"Save the hedgehog" campaign

Considered that one penlight batteries contaminates about 20 sq.m. soil with heavy metal. In the forest zone it is an area habitat territory of two trees, two moles, one hedgehog and a few thousand earthworms.

Each of us uses batteries in his life. Remotes, watches, toys, phones, a lot of other things. However, does everyone know what to do with used batteries? Throw it away along with the rest of the household waste? This is wrong!

After throwing away the metal coating batteries collapses from corrosion, and heavy metals leak into surface and groundwater where is not far to rivers, lakes and other water bodies used for drinking water supply.

Mercury - one of the most dangerous and toxic metals, tends to accumulate in the tissues of living organisms, and can enter the human body directly from the water, and eating food prepared from poisonous plants or animals. And if the battery burned at waste incineration plant then all contained therein toxic materials escape into the atmosphere. If you are wondering "how to part with old batteries" - bring it to the MANZANA office for further proper disposal.

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