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office 414 "A", 02090, Kyiv

Maintenance of office & computer equipment

service-office2Advantages of subscription services:

galochka3Regular scheduled maintenance

galochka3Services & remedial maintenance of one contractor eliminates the need
to apply to service centers of different producers


Company services:

  • Repair of office equipment
  • Inventory of office equipment
  • Hardware Service
  • Service of operating systems on workstations
  • Software Maintenance
  • Print and Document Scanning Services
  • Warranty service of household and office equipment
  • Client-Bank applications service
  • LAN Service
  • Telephone Service
  • Subscription service for computer equipment

Office furniture maintenance

service-office MANZANA cooperates with the best suppliers of office furniture,
which gives an advantage to other companies in the:





Company services:

  • Repair, hauling office furniture
  • Evaluation
  • Inventory
  • Replanning, reconfiguration
  • Installation & deinstallation arrangement
  • Office furniture rent
  • Installation of locks
  • Components for furniture
  • Installation of kitchens and wardrobes


Best designers create design projects with office reconfiguration in accordance with all wants and needs of the Customer.
Professional assemblers guarantee a fast and high-quality assembly and installation of furniture.

Technique maintenance

service-techMANZANA workers:

galochka3Are trained abroad

galochka3Regularly attend advanced training courses


Company services:

  • Electric power supply
  • Air Conditioning
  • System ventilation system
  • Disinfection of HVAC systems
  • Heating system
  • Water supply system, sewage
  • CCTV system
  • Access monitoring and control system


service-cleaning2Result of MANZANA activity – clean, modern, “working” office of the costumer!


Company services:

  • Integrated daily cleaning
  • Dry cleaning offices
  • Dry cleaning of furniture and partitions
  • Expendable materials
  • Sanitation facilities
  • Rent and cleaning of nomad carpets
  • Vermin control, disinfestations
  • Surface treatment with protective agents


service-utilizationMANZANA aim – purification of environment by ecological recycling of big companies life sustenance.


Company services:


service-supplyAdvantages of the purchase of necessary materials and products by MANZANA company:

galochka3You just need to make 1 call to purchase goods from different groups and categories

galochka3You will also have 1 Shipping on all product groups

galochka3We will give 1 set of documents, which will be processed in accordance with the wishes of your accounting


Company services:

  • Stationary purchase
  • Purchase of food (including perishables)
  • Purchase of water / tea / coffee
  • Continuous replenishment of office means
  • Purchase of technical equipment
  • Purchase of software


service-OUTSTUFFINGMANZANA choose stuff for each customer individual according to the needs of client and coordinates stuff activity from the main Office.


Company services:

  • Office Manager
  • Cleaning
  • Woman
  • Courier
  • Driver
  • Coffee Lady
  • Storekeeper
  • IT engineer
  • Handy-man
  • Other

Other Services

service-additionalTrying to provide the most convenient service for our customers, MANZANA is constantly expanding its list of services

If among our services you did not find what you need, call us  and we will do our best to help you find a comfortable solution to your problems.


Company services:

  • Reconfiguration and office moving
  • Office decoration
  • Phytodesign
  • Filling office (walls, shutters, blinds, artwork, light boxes)
  • Providing with a one-stop office services
  • Providing storage facilities to store furniture
  • Optimization of storage space
  • Providing with packaging material
  • Organization of Handling
  • Sorting, packaging