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Classification of stains and methods of combating them



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Classification of stains and methods of dealing with them. All types of pollution are divided into those that dissolve in water, and those that are waterproof. Also, spots are classified into groups based on their origin:

  • Cosmetic;
  • Food stains;
  • Medicinal;
  • Household stains;
  • Stains from the products of metabolism.

In the group of food stains, there are also divisions. This includes: stains of fatty origin, protein, stains containing acids and stains from drinks.
Protein (milk, eggs) – are easily removed if they are fresh. It is enough to soak the contamination in water or a weak alkaline solution. But if such a spot is ironed – then the protein contamination becomes difficult to remove.

Fatty (Sauce, blood, oil) – the most common type of stains. To deduce such stain it is possible to soak at once, as fatty substances, having penetrated deeply into a fabric, are fixed there, and any delay only aggravates a situation. Fat on contact with tissue, under the influence of body heat spreads and very well absorbed into the fibers. Old stains even pass through the fabric.

Pollution from berries and wine should be washed with warm water immediately after its appearance. If this is not done, the dye acquires strength and can only be removed in dry cleaners, and some stains are not guaranteed to be removed.

Cosmetic stains include spots that appear with the help of cosmetic preparations. This includes: perfume, lipstick, mascara, nail polish, blush, hand and face creams, hair spray, styling gels and much more. For each item – your prescription for removal, since the basis for the drugs is different. For example, take perfume. Fresh spots – smell strongly. And you need to remove them in this state. The older the stain from the spirits – the harder it is to remove, because the essential oils eventually become hard-to-remove compounds, due to oxidation and polymerization processes.

Stains from medications usually have a color. These include stains from green matter and iodine, fish oil, for example.

In the category of household stains, you can safely refer all those pollution that happen to us in the process of rest or work. Spots from grass, oil, rust, glue, shoe polish, etc.

How to remove a stain?

To ensure that the stain is removed from the tissue – it is necessary after preliminary soaking and washing, to entrust the matter to professionals. If contamination on clothes – take her to the dry cleaning. If the stain appears on the couch or armchair, on the curtains or carpet – to call a cleaning company that has an arsenal of cleaning and cleaning products capable of coping with pollution of any origin.