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Cleaning of production facilities of different types



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Cleaning of production facilities is fundamentally different from the cleaning of classical premises. In this case, there are certain rules and principles that must be followed by specialists. Moreover, these standards may vary depending on the type of production facility. Consider the classification.

What are the production facilities?

They are divided into categories according to several criteria.

For the purpose:

  • administrative: various offices, meeting rooms, etc.;
  • storage: storage facilities for products, raw materials, waste;
  • sanitary: washbasins, dressing rooms, showers.

On branch:

  • for metal processing;
  • food premises;
  • medical use;
  • rooms designed to work with explosives and combustible substances.

By waste type:

  • liquid and light waste;
  • wood waste;
  • combustible waste;
  • metal waste.

Rooms can also be combined type, that is, simultaneously belong to several categories.

Cleaning of industrial premises: specific

When cleaning each of the above premises cleaning specialists adhere to special recommendations. During the work at the food facility, special attention is paid to antibacterial procedures – appropriate chemicals are used. Medical facilities are also being cleaned with the active use of antimicrobial agents. At the same time, experts should be dressed in special clothes. In both situations, workers suffering from colds and other ailments are not allowed to clean.
In the case of premises containing explosive and combustible substances, great attention is paid to safety. Specialists must undergo preliminary training. Cleaning of production facilities of this type is carried out with great care. The use of certain chemicals with an aggressive composition is prohibited. Set of inventory is minimal.

In the case of warehouses, specific procedures should be carried out regularly: deratization, disinsection, and disinfection. You must remove the introduced fungus, especially if we are talking about the warehouses with products. Production shops need to be cleaned regularly from the accumulated garbage, dust and other pollution accompanying the production process.