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How to choose a b2b cleaning company in Kiev?



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Many mistakenly believe that the choice of the cleaning company should not pay much attention, because cleaning is cleaning, and everyone does it equally. In fact, this is an important issue that can not be neglected. The quality of the services provided depends on the appearance of the office, its condition and the comfort of its employees. Below you can see the recommendations for choosing a company that performs cleaning of premises.

Rules and recommendations

The range of services that the cleaning company offers

The first thing to do is to get acquainted with the types of work that are performed by company specialists. Of course, it is best that employees can provide the full range of cleaning services: from wet cleaning and dry cleaning to large-scale general cleaning.
Otherwise, you should use the services of several companies, which is not only inconvenient, but also will cost more.
Cost of services

Here, not everything is as obvious as it might seem at first glance. It is recommended to give preference to companies with average prices in the market. Too expensive offers, as a rule, do not justify themselves, because the wrapping is done for the brand. Too cheap offers also need to be bypassed, however attractive they might seem. Of course, we are not talking about cases when the cleaning company offers promotional value.
Frequent reasons for too low prices:

  • minimum list of services provided;
  • use of conventional equipment instead of professional;
  • use of cheap chemicals;
  • low-skilled staff.

Cleaning professionals by their own business using expensive equipment simply can not cost cheap.
Before you decide on a company, you can find out about discounts offered to regular customers.
Experience and professionalism

The average cleaning company Kiev, as a rule, places on its website a list of the most famous clients with whom it cooperated. Appreciate who trusts this company, in what condition are the serviced offices. Experience with well-known brands is always a big advantage.
In addition, ask about the qualifications of employees. Find out what techniques they own, what training they have been taking and so on. As a rule, representatives of the company willingly talk about the professional qualities of their employees.
European approach

Some companies inherit the western tradition of doing business. It is about using the latest developments in the field of cleaning, the latest equipment and chemicals. This is the preferred option for cooperation.
The next item is the level of service. It is desirable that employees, when cleaning the premises, do this with a smile and goodwill. The staff of the office will often connect with cleaning specialists, and it is extremely important that this contact is positive.
Feedback and recommendations

This is a powerful tool that will help you easily make the right choice. The cleaning company often takes advantage of word of mouth. About these companies they say, they are recommended to friends.
If you do not know anyone with this experience, ask for help with the Internet. Often, feedback on cooperation includes information about the range of services, the tools used, and the qualifications of the staff.


Making the right choice is easy. It is necessary to approach the issue seriously and give it enough time. There are many options on the market, and all of them have their own characteristics. For example, there is far more than one cleaning company in Kiev. All in your hands!