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And do you know everything about them? In this material, we will consider a set of services for which the owner of the office who ordered the premises of Kiev can count.
The urgency of the issue is connected with the fact that Moscow companies are increasingly transferring non-core tasks to outsourcing specialists. This allows the owners of the premises to focus exclusively on their main work. In addition, this service makes it possible to significantly save.

What does the maintenance of Kiev facilities include?


A clean office is a place where it’s nice and comfortable to work. However, simple wipes of surfaces of ideal purity can not be achieved. Companies that offer cleaning services use modern techniques and techniques, use the newest detergents and equipment. This allows you to achieve a positive effect in a short time. What is included in the complex of cleaning services:

  • post-construction cleaning;
  • daily cleaning;
  • spring-cleaning;
  • deratization;
  • pest control.

Specialists carry out the necessary work even in the most polluted premises, putting them in order.

Обслуживание инженерных систем

If in the previous paragraph it was a question of the visual component, then this – about the “insides” of the office. Here we mean the maintenance of the premises of Kiev. The service package includes the following systems:

  • conditioning;
  • ventilation;
  • lighting;
  • power supply;
  • sewerage;
  • water supply;
  • cable systems;
  • access control systems.

Carrying out these works minimizes the risk of emergencies, which can permanently stop the “life” in the office. In addition to routine repairs, specialists also implement a number of preventive measures.
Maintenance of engineering systems involves the use of special tools. But the customer has nothing to worry about – all equipment is provided to his employees by the contractor.

Мелкий ремонт

Minor repairs are point interventions by specialists in order to maintain the proper state of the office. Despite its name, this type of repair is very important, because it eliminates the need for large-scale works in the future. Service list:

  • repair of office equipment;
  • замена ламп;
  • repair of outlets;
  • repair of office furniture;
  • plumbing repair and so on.

As a rule, minor repairs are carried out quickly and imperceptibly. Loading works are not a type of repair, but also fall into this category.

Снабжение офисов

The office is a big “live” mechanism, which consumes a lot of resources every day. It must be regularly supplied with food, drinks, etc. The office maintenance companies take on these tasks. What can you expect by using the service:

  • purchase of beverages;
  • purchase of food, including perishable products;
  • stationery supply;
  • software and hardware supply;
  • regular updating of the above items.

The supply of offices also includes the design of all the necessary accounting documents for the accounting department.

Other services

In addition, the owners of offices can use the service of environmentally friendly disposal of office life items, decor, staff search and so on. In fact, the customer can transfer any non-core work to a third-party company.

Servicing of offices from Manzan

Our company offers its customers to use all of the above services. Manzan specialists have extensive experience in both large and small offices. They are constantly upgrading their qualifications so that you receive a world-class service.