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What is a comprehensive maintenance of real estate?



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A modern building is a whole complex, including gas pipeline systems, water supply systems, power supply, sewerage and much more. Each of its components needs constant care. Otherwise, even, it would seem, the minimal malfunction can lead to a stop of vital activity of the whole office.

Of course, all the necessary work can not be done with one’s own hands. Therefore, for owners who are worried about the condition of their building, many companies offer a special service – maintenance and operation of commercial real estate. This is a large complex of works, the fulfillment of which guarantees the object durability and good condition.

Направления обслуживания

Как правило, обслуживание объектов недвижимости осуществляется по следующим направлениям:

  • heat supply and heating communications;
  • elevators;
  • water treatment, sewerage and water supply systems;
  • intercom systems;
  • lighting;
  • electrical network;
  • CCTV;
  • access control systems;
  • air conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • signaling.

Coverage in the process of the above “arteries” of the building allows to avoid premature deterioration of the office space. In addition, careful monitoring of all communications allows you to eliminate minor problems and, accordingly, avoid the need to do extensive repairs in the future.

Complex maintenance of real estate: types of work

Using the services for servicing facilities from any company, the customer can count on carrying out small and large-scale works, short-term and long-term. All of them are conventionally divided into four categories.

  • Technical operation. It implies continuous monitoring of communications. Experts support all elements in a proper condition, carry out preventive measures.
  • Current repair work. High-quality operation allows communication and technology to work as long as possible without failures, but any mechanism has its own resource of resources, which eventually runs out. The task of repairmen is to fix malfunctions and eliminate emergency situations. Complex maintenance of real estate is a service, the use of which guarantees the fastest reaction to breakages.
  • Scheduled repair. Its essence is to conduct regular maintenance work: quarterly, monthly, annual. Masters carry out preventive repairs and carry out a set of preventive measures.
  • Infrastructure management of the building. It implies the debugging of the work of all communications, the correct adjustment of technical devices and equipment.

As you can see, the set of works is really extensive. The client can independently compile a list of desired services and make recommendations regarding them.
Practice shows that comprehensive service is much more profitable than a one-time call of the master. Firstly, the wizard usually calls in already started cases, when serious repairs are required. Secondly, comprehensive maintenance simply minimizes the risk of malfunctions through the above-mentioned preventive procedures.
This service is useful for office owners who do not want to spend their time and money on tasks that can be passed painlessly to the hands of professionals. Management of the building infrastructure, comprehensive services – all this requires the presence of special skills, experience and knowledge. They are only among specialists.