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Cleaning of premises from «MANZANA»


Современные тенденции индустрии клининга

Cleanliness in the office is important in terms of not only comfort, but also presentability. The office is the face of the company. Visitors will have a positive opinion of you if they enter an ideally clean bright room. Many people think that cleaning is a simple matter. But really effective cleaning is possible only with the presence of certain skills, the use of properly selected tools and technologies.

The cleaning company Kiev «MANZANA» provides a wide range of services for the care of office premises. Among them:

  • spring-cleaning;
  • cleaning after construction;
  • daily cleaning;
  • rental of mud protection coatings;
  • deratization;
  • pest control.

Our specialists have all the necessary equipment and chemicals. Their experience makes it possible to work imperceptibly, quickly and effectively. The procedure for general cleaning by «MANZANA» employees includes the following stages:

  • polishing of windows and mirrors;
  • wet cleaning;
  • dry cleaning;
  • cleaning of hard-to-reach places;
  • washing of window and door blocks, heating pipes, walls and radiators.

Cleaning of offices includes a whole range of works, the implementation of which allows you to achieve a reference cleanliness of the premises.

Office cleaning: the advantages of working with us


We strive to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the cooperation with «MANZANA». The employees of our company are trained in the latest technologies in the field of cleaning. They select the chemical composition of the detergent, analyzing the nature of the contaminants. In this case, the material of the surfaces is taken into account. Such a responsible approach, even to trifles, is the reason that we are trusted. Among our clients are well-known companies in Ukraine. Their list can be found on the website.
Among the advantages of «MANZANA» is the following:

  • employees of our company are constantly improving and improving their qualifications. The cleaning company should provide services of the European class, and we have already closely got to this level;
  • specialists react promptly to all incoming applications around the clock;
  • in our work we focus on imperceptibility. Employees of the company perform their tasks without interfering with the work process in the office;
  • During cleaning our specialists take into account all wishes and recommendations of the customer;
  • employees of «MANZANA» take care of the client’s property. We guarantee its integrity and safety.

Need to clean rooms? «MANZANA» is at your service!


«MANZANA» guarantees the perfect cleanliness of customer offices. Our specialization includes both classic types of cleaning and dry cleaning of premises, cleaning of furniture and carpets, fighting with rodents and insects.
Our company’s services are flexible. If the client wishes, the specialists make the necessary changes to the cleaning procedure. In addition, the list of our services is expanding over time. Continuous development is one of the main principles of the work of «MANZANA».
Our employees work not only imperceptibly, but also completely independently. Involvement of the client in the process is not needed.
The company «MANZANA» has been engaged in its activities for a long time. During this time we have gained invaluable experience, which allows us to work according to the strictest quality standards. We are sure that a high-quality cleaning of offices is without exaggeration the real art, which requires a professional attitude to the matter.

If you want to make your office space an example of cleanliness, contact «MANZANA». Our specialists will be happy to help you!

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