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Our achievements


  • We offer a new level of service that minimizes client involvement in this process
  • We maximally focus on the interests of the client and guarantee the effective management of the ensuring processes the life of offices, making all our efforts to satisfy all the needs of Customers
  • We employ only highly qualified personnel who responds promptly to all client requests 24/7
  • Behind us is the experience of our company and the experience of our western partners, where our staff is trained and refresher courses
  • We adapt our services to the wishes of our customers and constantly expand the list of services
  • We guarantee the observance of all norms and laws of Ukraine and the provision of a full package of documents
  • Individual approach and flexible system of discounts

We are trusted


The campaign “Save a tree”


Every day a huge amount of paper is thrown out of our offices and houses. With proper handling and some effort on the part of each of us, this paper can be used repeatedly, saving thousands of trees.

Recycling of one ton of waste paper saves more than 15 trees and 20,000 liters of water, 1000 kW of electricity and prevents the release of 1,700 kg of CO2. The participation of each is extremely valuable, since the problem of waste and inefficient consumption of resources of the Planet affects each of us and affects our immediate future in the most direct way.

ТОП 3 2014г.

  • Indesit
  • Dr'Reddy's
  • Johnson

The campaign “Save the hedgehog”.


It is believed that one finger battery pollutes with heavy metals about 20 square meters soil. In the forest zone, this is the habitat of two trees, two moles, one hedgehog and several thousand earthworms. Each of us uses our batteries in our lives. Console, clock, toys, phones, lots of other things. However, does everyone know what to do with spent batteries? Throw them in the trash along with the rest of the household trash? This is wrong!

After discarding, the metal coating of the battery is destroyed by corrosion, and heavy metals enter the soil and groundwater, and this is not far from rivers, lakes and other water bodies used for drinking water supply.

Mercury is the one of the most dangerous and toxic metals, has the property to accumulate in the tissues of living organisms and can enter the human body either directly from water or by eating foods made from poisoned plants or animals. And if the battery is burned at the incineration plant, all the toxic materials contained in it will fall into the atmosphere.

If you were wondering “where to throw away old batteries” – bring to the office of MANZANA company for their further proper disposal.

Our partners


Behind us is the experience of our company and the experience of our western partners, where our personnel is trained and refresher courses, among which:

  • Processing plant
  • State Enterprise “Argentum”
  • Subsidiary of PJSC “Rubezhansky KTK”
  • Office Solutions
  • Zeleniy office