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Expert: How is the utilization of office equipment in Ukraine.



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Any enterprise sooner or later faces the problem of recycling computers and office equipment. Due to the content of any electronics hazardous to health and the ecosystem of chemical elements and compounds, the Ukrainian state has recently tightened control over the process of disposal of such equipment.

Therefore, today the processing of office equipment is a popular service. But to provide such a service can only special service centers-companies that have all the permits for the collection, use, disposal, and transportation of waste electronics. Unfortunately, there are not many such companies in Ukraine.
As explained by the Director of the Department for customer service of Manzana, one of the leaders of the recycling market, this service can be divided into several steps.

“the First is to apply for recycling,” Anna says. – The representative of the organization sends us an application for work on the disposal of office equipment. Most often these operations are carried out by the office Manager of the customer company or an accountant.

At the second stage, the parties sign a special contract. It is important to have an experienced lawyer, who will coordinate the legal basis of the company-the utilizer with the norms of the domestic legislation. If something is wrong to issue, for both parties to the contract there are risks of getting a fine.
The third step is the recycling of office equipment. Electronics are taken to a special plant, where it is disassembled into homogeneous materials. In the same place without harm to the environment removed dangerous elements: cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.

” as a customer you should require from the contractor acts confirming the process of proper disposal of technical equipment. I want to sum up that the process of recycling office electronics should be trusted only by professional companies, confirming its status as a preliminary cooperation with large customers. Best of all, if it were international socially responsible corporations”, – the expert recommends.