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Decorative partitions

Mobile decorative partitions


MANZANA exclusively in Ukraine offers mobile decorative partitions that serve not only as a modern element of decor, but also serve as a zoning room, and can also serve as stylish shelves, ultra-compact seats and even flowerpots.
With our partitions you can always update the interior in your office in a matter of minutes.

Depending on your needs, we can choose for you the most optimal variant of partitions:

  • For convenient transportation. Such partitions can be easily taken with you to exhibitions, field events.
  • To create a mobile recreation area.
  • For storing different things. This solution will save you from ugly cabinets and add a sense of ease.
  • For the zoning of small rooms.
  • In order for your office to stand out among the same type of premises.

We will make from your premises an ultramodern multifunctional office-transformer

Decorative partitions
Decorative partitions

Decorative partitions BUILD


BUILDSystem is a collection of decorative partitions that serve not only as a modern element of decor, but also serve as a zoning room, and can also be used as stylish shelves.

The partitions do not require additional fixation, and thanks to the unusual shape of them, almost any structure can be built. The size of one partition: 520 mm x 385 mm x 290 mm, and the weight of only 750 g, this will change the appearance of the structure as often as you wish.

Material: ARPRO® EPP, free from toxic substances and 100% recyclable.

BUILDSystem will be the decoration of any office, and the ability to easily change the layout and appearance of the designs will each time in a new way surprise employees and guests of the office.

Decorative partitions

Decorative partitions MOLO


MOLO – a series of items that can instantly turn into padded stools, chairs, benches, floor screens and tables.

Each of the collection modules can be stretched to a maximum length of up to 4.5 meters and compressed to the size of a small book. The height of the modules varies in a wide range from 30 cm to more than 3 meters.

Items of the collection can be made of two basic materials – kraft paper and non-woven textiles.

Both materials are 100% recyclable and contain up to 50% recycled wood fiber.

The collection items are not disposable or short-term in use. On the contrary, the surface of the objects becomes softer as the use becomes, the edges of the paper honeycombs are bent, the alternating faces form a unique organic pattern. Preserving its original shape and solid structure, the surface bears a natural imprint of time.

Almost all elements of the collection, if necessary, are connected with each other with the help of “secret” magnets hidden inside the element itself. This system allows you to fasten the elements not only to each other, but also to fix them, attaching to any wall on which there is a metal surface.

Decorative partitions
Decorative partitions

Flexible, stand-alone elements that do not require additional fixation are a unique alternative to the standard screens used to separate and organize space.

The objects of the collection combine the beauty of the form and the functionality of the content, created to meet the modern needs for flexibility and mobility in the formation of the surrounding space.