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Care for the environment is a trend of modern society. People refer to the environment is not as thoughtless and careless as before. Many people think about how to throw away a battery or a light bulb in such a way as not to cause harm to nature.
«MANZANA» is one of the few Ukrainian companies that offers a safe utilization of equipment and other office environment pollution.
Utilization of professional office equipment or conventional batteries – our company is engaged in all of these. In addition to environmental standpoint, it is also convenient because the office space is cleaned of unnecessary parts and things.

MANZANA company offers the following services:

  • utilization of the fluorescent lamps;
  • utilization of the batteries;
  • utilization of the interior and the furniture parts;
  • utilization of the equipment units;
  • separate collecting of various wastes, their processing.

Leaders, who use the service of safe disposal of waste, is calm and confident that the activities of their company does not harm the environment. As a result of cooperation with us, they receive documents that confirm their participation in the project “Green companies”.
«MANZANA» utilizes both single waste and a lot of used things.

Utilization of fluorescent lamps in office premises


Each such lamp contains at least 20 mg of a substance dangerous to humans – mercury. And in some cases contains up to 500 mg! Mercury is a waste of the first class of danger, which can cause much harm to both human and the environment.
According to the Law of Ukraine “About waste”, mercury lamps must be disposed of according to environmental standards. Companies that do not do this violate legislation. Utilization of that lamps by «MANZANA» company is carried out promptly, safely and in any quantity.

Utilization of the office equipment


ОOffice equipment contains polymers that are resistant to degradation. It can not be thrown away, because it needs to be recycled.
In many offices there is a lot of unsuitable equipment, the amount of which is regularly increased. Applying to our company, you will not only save nature, but also free up a considerable amount of space in your premises.

Utilization of the furniture in offices


Objects of furniture as well as equipment become obsolete over time. Often after the renovation of the office interior there is a need to throw out a lot of unnecessary things. Do not just throw them in the dump! The company «MANZANA» will carry out safe disposal of furniture elements. The documents issued by us will help you in processing the act of writing-off.

Utilization of the computer equipment


The technique is morally is becoming obsolete and breaking down. In its place come new, more modern models. But what to do with old models? We will help you with this! Utilization of equipment by «MANZANA» passes through technology that does not harm nature in any way.

As you can see, all objects and means of the office’s life can be safely recycled without damaging the environment. All you need to do is contact the «MANZANA» company, and the rest will be done by our specialists. We undertake both small and large-scale works. You can use our services if you need recycling of office equipment, furniture, lamps or even ordinary thermometers and batteries.
Each client receives from us a professional approach to business, loyal prices and a benevolent attitude!

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