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Maintenance of engineering systems of buildings


Обслуживание инженерных систем

One of the activities of «MANZANA» is maintenance. Our specialists implement a set of works that guarantee durability for engineering systems. As a result, the risk of malfunctions in the operation of offices and other buildings is minimized.

«MANZANA» services for maintenance of building engineering systems


Masters maintain the following systems:

  • lighting;
  • power supply;
  • conditioning and ventilation;
  • sewerage and water supply;
  • SKD and SCS.

The competence of specialists also includes all possible problems related to energy supply. Employees of «MANZANA» not only eliminate the existing problems, but also carry out preventive measures that reduce the risk of problems in the future. In addition, the client receives detailed explanations of the cause of the occurrence of a particular problem, which also allows further avoidance of breakdowns.
Maintenance of engineering systems of buildings from «MANZANA» is not only repair work, but also preventive measures. Their goal is to maintain the proper state of all systems and prevent breakdowns. Our specialists can offer you the following:

  • checking of protective equipment;
  • voltage measurements;
  • network health monitoring;
  • earth check;
  • conducting briefings, etc.

This is not the end of the list of services provided by «MANZANA».

Maintenance of engineering systems: air conditioning systems


This system needs regular care and monitoring. Only in such conditions it will demonstrate good performance and will last for a long time. Masters of our company know all about air conditioners of different types and from different manufacturers. They conduct maintenance efficiently and imperceptibly for the customer.
The list of measures includes pressure measurement, complete diagnostics, cleaning of blocks and drainage systems, refilling with freon. Owners of offices equipped with several air-conditioners can take advantage of the pleasant discounts from «MANZANA».

Checking ventilation systems


The maintenance of building engineering systems should include a ventilation check. Qualitative preventive maintenance is the guarantee of the longevity of the ventilation system and its correct operation. Our specialists carry out the following works:

  • replacing filters that are clogged;
  • cleaning of heat exchangers;
  • replacement of drive belts;
  • diagnostics.

Maintenance and installation of access control systems


Specialists of «MANZANA» will select the most suitable system for your facility and install it yourself. The list of our services also includes the modernization of existing equipment, maintenance and commissioning.
Our masters control the operation of video surveillance systems. This equipment should work perfectly, because it largely depends on the security of the office. Specialists conduct necessary diagnostic procedures, and in case of detection of problems they are quickly eliminated.

In addition, with us you can order comprehensive maintenance of engineering systems. This service provides regular maintenance of all available systems in the room: sewage, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, water supply, etc. In the staff of our company there are highly qualified specialists who have been successfully engaged in their business for many years. They guarantee a decent quality of the work done, efficiency and friendly attitude towards the client.
Entrust the “arteries” of your office to «MANZANA». We will not fail!

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