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Декорирование офиса

Owners of offices often don’t pay attention to such a thing as “comfort”. They provide their employees with equipment, necessary facilities, office supplies, but don’t worry about the visual component of the work. But such a seemingly trifle, as greening the office, can positively affect the comfort of employees.
Some believe that this is an extra, inexpedient waste of money. Actually it is not so. Many studies have shown that flowers, “green walls” and other decor elements increase the productivity of workers and improve their concentration. Create an atmosphere of coziness is not difficult at all – contact «MANZANA» company. We qualitatively carry out greening the office in a short time and taking into account all the wishes of the client.

Decoration and phytodesign: our services



  • development of the design projects;
  • decoration of the premises for special dates;
  • classical decoration of the premises.

Phytodesign of the office:

  • delivery of fresh flowers;
  • cultivation of plants that are already available in the office;
  • plant care;
  • plant transplants;
  • purchase of plants.

All kinds of work are carried out by experienced specialists who have been engaged in decorating and gardening for many years. They develop projects and plan phytodesign, based on the recommendations and wishes of the client. Whatever you want to see your office, our employees will realize all your ideas!

Phytodesign and office decor – it is practical!


Those who believe that decorating an office space does not do any good, are mistaken. Mobile decorative partitions – an innovation in the field of zoning of premises – dispel this stereotype.

Such partitions look attractive, and allow unobtrusive separation of the room. One of their numerous advantages is a quick installation, which requires almost no effort. The septum can take a wide variety of forms. Due to this, it does not bother even after long-term operation.

There are many more decorative items that can be used as lighting elements, writing accessories, etc.
Everything has already been said about the benefits of plants. First, the green color has a positive effect on the eyes, which often get tired of the monitor. Secondly, they synthesize oxygen. Thirdly, plants simply raise the mood with their beauty. But the good and friendly atmosphere in the office is priceless!

Need greening the office or decorating? Welcome to «MANZANA»!


Do not underestimate the importance of a cozy atmosphere in the office. Naked gray walls at all do not promote enthusiasm in work and productivity. They can be transformed beyond recognition in the shortest possible time! СIt’s worth simply contacting our company, and experienced highly qualified specialists will do their best in the best way. As a result, your office will turn from an ordinary workroom into a “second home” where you want to come back again and again.

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