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Office equipment repair


Ремонт офисной техники

Do not underestimate the small breakdowns that at first glance seem insignificant. In the future, they can lead to the need for global repairs. This can be easily avoided!
For example, repairing office equipment should be carried out as soon as it gives a minimal failure. This way, you will not be left without important equipment at a time when it will be needed most.
Repair and other work is important to trust professionals in their business. In this case, everything will be done correctly and in accordance with the rules. For example, attempts to independently carry out repair of office equipment can lead to serious breakdowns of equipment.

Services of the company “MANZANA”


Our highly skilled specialists perform the following types of works in a short time:

  • repair of office equipment;
  • furniture repair;
  • loading work;
  • installation of decoration and equipment elements, as well as their disassembly;
  • repair of plumbing;
  • service of office equipment and home appliances;
  • repair and replacement of sockets;
  • lamp replacement etc.

Our masters are universal specialists. They repair both minor breakdowns and deal with large, large-scale repairs. It does not matter what you need to do – to hang a mirror or to perform profile works on plumbing – the masters “MANZANA” will help you with pleasure.

Benefits of working with us


  • Experienced masters of the company “MANZANA” react promptly to all applicants in 24/7 mode.
  • Experts carry out work in a short time. For example, minor repairs or maintenance of office equipment takes no more than an hour.
  • Masters also carry out preventive measures. This allows you to extend the service life of equipment and other office equipment.
  • The client does not have to worry about the availability of the necessary tools. Our specialists take everything they need, including even a ladder.
  • If the equipment requires replacement of any part, you can inform it in advance. The wizard will manually pick up spare parts and will come to you already with them.
  • One of the distinctive features of working with MANZANA is the minimal involvement of the client in the process. Our specialists are professionals who perform their tasks independently, in time and in accordance with all requirements.
  • MANZANA services are adaptive. In the course of communication you can agree on individual wishes regarding future repairs – they will be taken into account.
  • We have a flexible system of discounts. For example, simply ordering office equipment repair, you can still save significantly!

MANZANA’s services are used by a large number of clients throughout the capital. We are trusted because our specialists make minor repairs in time, qualitatively and at loyal prices.

If you find any breakdown, do not let this issue go grab. Timely action can prevent significant future cash outflows. Leave the application – and soon the specialist of MANZANA company will come to you and take all necessary repair measures.

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