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Supply of the offices


Снабжение офисов

Workflow efficiency in the office depends detail. Stationery, food, software – without all these things no employee will be able to perform their duties. That is why the replenishment of office “stocks” is an important task that must be entrusted to professionals.
The specialists of the company «MANZANA» know the sense in prices, goods and manufacturers. We supply customers with only the best products at no extra cost.
In addition to the usual stationery, we can buy for you the branding things that are popular today among business owners. Such details can emphasize the individual style of your company and raise its level in the eyes of customers.

Supply of the offices by «MANZANA»: our services


Directions of the company’s activities:

  • software purchase;
  • purchase of the stationery;
  • purchase of food, including perishables;
  • purchase of the beverages (coffee, tea, water).

We can both conduct a one-time purchase and conduct it on a regular basis. Thus, you can forget about the supply of your office space for a long time, having transferred these duties to us.



We do not limit the client in choosing the gastronomy delivered. This can be confectionery, sugar, drinks, as well as perishable products of various types. Selected products are delivered promptly.



«MANZANA» delivers exclusively licensed software to customers. The customer receives the full package of documents required for accounting. The experience and professionalism of our specialists allows us to assess in advance the compatibility of the selected products with the system used in the client’s offic.



The specialists of our company analyze the wishes of the client, the real need of the office space in the equipment, and then choose the technique to be purchasede. This approach protects the customer from buying unnecessary equipment.
If the client is confident in certain positions, he voices them, and his wishes are fulfilled in full and in the shortest possible time.

Supply of the offices by «MANZANA»: our advantages


Our main advantage is experienced highly qualified specialists who implement an individual approach to each client. Be sure: all your wishes will be taken into account. In addition, our advantages are as follows:

  • the list of necessary goods is negotiated within one telephone call. After spending just a few minutes, you can order stationery, and equipment, and food;
  • all products that you have ordered, we will bring by a single delivery;
  • we provide the client with a package of necessary documents, which we prepare according to the requirements of the customer’s accounting department.

Supply of the office is a difficult and time-consuming process. Give your attention to more important tasks, and the «MANZANA» will take care of the ensuring life of your office space.

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