Facility Managment

Integrated facility infrastructure management saves 45% of your time.

We allocate the super-manager for your company.

Development of technical specifications

Facility management for your business


MANZANA provides a full range of cleaning services for office premises and industrial facilities.


We will supply your office with everything you need. For all product groups you will be served by a personal manager.


Disposal from MANZANA is a guarantee of an ecological approach, providing a complete set of documents.

Minor repairs

Need to fix the outlet, replace the siphon and hang the mirror? All this will be done by our universal master in 1 hour!

Office decor

We will fill your office with comfort. We offer decoration and gardening services (phytodesign).

Fire safety

MANZANA will help to comply with fire safety rules in your office.

Maintenance of engineering systems

Maintenance MANZANA – a set of works to ensure the durability of engineering systems and uninterrupted operation of facilities and structures.

How we solve your problems?

Manzana in numbers

We are a European-level company that not only focuses on Western trends, but also adheres to and promotes “Green Standards”, taking care of the environment and environmental protection.

9 years

service market

more 250

satisfied customers

more 1000

implemented projects

You do not want to spend time looking for contractors and drafting terms of reference?

Our manager will do it for you.

    Our customers

    Interesting news

    We do not seek to say that we are the best. Our main task is to work so that customers call us the best. The staff includes specialists who are trained in the latest technologies in the field of cleaning.

    During cleaning, they take into account the surface material, the nature of the contaminants to select the appropriate composition of the detergent. This approach allows you to achieve perfect cleanliness in a short time.

    All news

    In order for your employees to enjoy spending time in the office, you need to keep it clean. Working in a neatly cleaned room is comfortable and pleasant. We, MANZANA, will help you achieve perfect cleanliness! We provide comprehensive real estate services: from full-fledged cleaning to decoration and recruitment services. Well-known companies in Ukraine cooperate with us. You can find a list of our clients who use the facility management service on the website.

    «MANZANA»: company of European level

    Offering a professional cleaning service, every company in Kiev declares itself that it is the best. We want the best clients to call us. Our staff is trained in special cleaning technologies, so it is always right to choose the chemical composition of detergents for the type of contamination and material surfaces. Such knowledge, as well as the use of professional tools and advanced equipment guarantee the quality of work with its rapid implementation. In our business, we focus on the achievements of Western partners.

    Contacting MANZANA, you can use a large number of services. Our specialization includes:

    • pest control;
    • deratization;
    • dry cleaning of premises;
    • cleaning of soft and classic furniture;
    • carpet cleaning;
    • treatment of surfaces of different types by protective means. Means are selected individually for each object.

    In addition to cleaning services, we offer other services:

    • maintenance of premises;
    • maintenance and repair of office equipment;
    • Supply of office premises with the necessary office and equipment;
    • moving and filling offices, and much more.

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