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Offering a professional cleaning service, every company in Kiev declares itself that it is the best. We want the best clients to call us. Our staff is trained in special cleaning technologies, so it is always right to choose the chemical composition of detergents for the type of contamination and material surfaces. Such knowledge, as well as the use of professional tools and advanced equipment guarantee the quality of work with its rapid implementation. In our business, we focus on the achievements of Western partners.

MANZANA helps you to fight environmental pollution through the environmental disposal of office facilities. MANZANA, focusing on the trends of Western countries, maximally adapts its services to the new trends and trends of the modern world.

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Facility management от «MANZANA»


A good office is a clean office. Working in such a room is comfortable and pleasant. To achieve the ideal cleanliness we will help you – the company “MANZANA”! We provide comprehensive maintenance of real estate: from full cleaning to decorating and recruitment services. We cooperate with well-known companies in Ukraine. You can find a list of our customers on the website.

Facility management: our advantages


We are not trying to tell that we are the best. Our main task is to work so that the best we are called customers. The staff includes specialists who are trained in the latest technologies in the field of cleaning. During cleaning, they take into account the surface material, the nature of the contaminants, in order to select the appropriate detergent composition. Such an approach allows achieving perfect purity in a short time.
Our main point of reference is our Western colleagues. Thanks to this, you have come close to the European quality of the services provided.

  • We work around the clock and without days off. Specialists of MANZANA are ready at any time to accept the application and start working.
  • Cleaning is carried out as quickly and imperceptibly as possible.
  • Employees are extremely careful about the client’s property, ensuring its integrity and safety at the end of cleaning.
  • We are a client-oriented company. “MANZANA” guarantees an individual approach to each customer and each object.
  • Our employees do not stand still in their professional development. They are constantly upgrading their qualifications to perform their work even better. There is no limit to perfection!
  • The client is minimally involved in the process.
  • Complex maintenance of the real estate from “MANZANA” passes with observance of all laws of Ukraine.

Facility management Kiev from MANZANA: our services


Contacting MANZANA, you can use a large number of services. Our specialization includes:

  • pest control;
  • deratization;
  • dry cleaning of premises;
  • cleaning of soft and classic furniture;
  • carpet cleaning;
  • treatment of surfaces of different types by protective means. Means are selected individually for each object.

In addition to cleaning services, we offer other services:

  • maintenance of premises;
  • maintenance and repair of office equipment;
  • Supply of office premises with the necessary office and equipment;
  • moving and filling offices, and much more.

MANZANA for the environment!


For those who need facilitation management, Kiev is the best place. There are a lot of companies that provide such services, however MANZANA differs radically from them in approach and attitude to their business.
We help to combat environmental pollution by disposing of office facilities. MANZANA offers the following services:

  • utilization of office equipment;
  • collection and subsequent disposal of fluorescent lamps and batteries;
  • disposal of furniture;
  • solid waste management;
  • processing of plastics and waste paper. The company provides several containers for separate waste collection.

Disposal takes place with the help of tools that are safe for the environment.

The customer can independently form the list of services and services that he wants to use. After registration of the application, the client’s involvement in the process is almost unnecessary.

All the personnel of the company are specialists who carry out their work qualitatively, independently and efficiently. If you want to make your office an example of cleanliness and order, facilitation management Kiev from the company MANZANA is what you need! A full list of services, as well as contact information, you can find on the site.