Maintenance of engineering networks of buildings and structures

The foundation for the smooth operation of any real estate is high-quality maintenance of engineering networks of buildings and structures. This allows uninterrupted operation of companies and organizations whose offices are located in the building, which makes it possible to prevent breakdowns and emergency situations. Maintenance of engineering networks of buildings and structures is aimed both at equipment prevention, and at its support and maintenance.

What is included in the maintenance service of building engineering networks?

Architecture and technical equipment is being upgraded every year, which leads to more complicated maintenance of engineering networks of buildings and structures. To carry out such work, you should have a certain amount of knowledge and skills that it is quite difficult for property owners to do. Here, facilitation management comes to the rescue, it takes full responsibility for the maintenance, the procedure for repair and maintenance work.

The following types of services are distinguished:

  1. Regular – work or monitoring is ongoing.
  2. Periodic – carried out in accordance with the established schedule.
  3. Seasonal – held at the junction of the seasons, the transition from summer to winter and vice versa.

Our advantages

Manzan’s company provides maintenance of engineering networks of buildings and structures, works with real estate for various purposes and sizes. We operate in accordance with the control regulations, diagnose, service and repair equipment, conduct checks on the established schedule.

Advantages of ordering services:

  • We carry out operations at a high level, we guarantee the quality of the work performed.
  • We provide highly specialized qualified personnel.
  • We provide craftsmen with all the necessary tools and equipment.
  • Quickly troubleshoot power outages and ensure their functioning.
  • We carry out consultations, give recommendations on modernization and cost reduction.
  • We clearly fulfill all the conditions of the contract, provide loyal prices.

How to calculate the cost of the service?

The price for servicing real estate in each case is different, depending on several factors. First of all, it is the size and type of the object, the specifics of the work and their complexity. The cost depends on the scheduling of services, the regularity of preventive measures. Maintenance of engineering networks of buildings and structures depends on the technical documentation for the equipment, on the service life (one-time output or permanent work for 5 or more years).

Maintenance procedure

The equipment should work, and downtime and breakdowns lead to financial losses, and sometimes take the lives of people. Compliance with safety and operating rules will help to avoid problems, and this requires clear and regular maintenance. First of all, plans and schedules are drawn up. In relation to them, equipment inspections are performed, if necessary, bolts are tightened, parts are lubricated, wiring, pipes change, etc. During the initial inspection, the type of service is determined: current repair, inspection, small, medium or major repairs.