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    Why should you order office cleaning

    The success of the company’s work largely depends on cleanliness in the office. Visitors and partners are pleased to conduct negotiations, conclude contracts in comfortable conditions. Employees of the company appreciate the efforts of the management to create a comfortable working environment. Continuous maintenance of order at a high level is the goal of office cleaning.
    Cleaning office premises will help to create comfortable working conditions for specialists, save staff from cleaning at the end of the working day. You can order the service on an ongoing basis, or call a brigade for periodic cleaning, as needed. Depending on the purpose and time of the cleaning of office premises, it differs in the following types:

    Regular daily office cleaning

    Regular cleaning is understood as a set of measures for the systematic cleaning of all surfaces and items in office premises. Frequency of cleaning activities is consistent with the company’s management. In large areas with a large number of employees and a constant flow of visitors, daily cleaning is recommended. If the office takes only a few rooms, the staff is up to 10 people and the activity is not related to the reception of citizens, putting things in order is carried out 2-3 times a week.
    Regular office cleaning services are provided in the following areas: dry dust removal from office furniture, office equipment, household appliances, interior items, cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner, wet cleaning of floor coverings (laminate, tile, linoleum), window sills, blinds, cleaning interior and exterior doors, office partitions, lighting fixtures, mirrors, taking out the trash.
    Cleaning works are carried out in all areas: offices, in the reception area, meeting rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, corridors.

    General office cleaning

    General cleaning of the office premises is carried out at the time agreed with the customer. They usually range from 1 time per month to 1-2 times a year. In addition to the types of work listed above, it includes:

    • washing windows;
    • thorough cleaning of all types of surfaces, heating devices, household appliances;
    • elimination of complex dirt on furniture, including soft upholstery;
    • disinfection of bathrooms, kitchen or dining area;
    • wet cleaning using special machinery and equipment.

    The list of measures for periodic and general office cleaning is compiled by the customer’s representative and the cleaning company before starting work.

    Morning office cleaning

    Morning cleaning of offices is a daily service carried out before the start of the working day. Dust is removed from horizontal surfaces and office equipment, household appliances and furniture are cleaned, window sills, floors are washed, garbage is taken out. The range of works is determined depending on the professional specifics of the offices, their furnishings, characteristics and wishes. Cleaning offices in the morning, before the start of the working day, allows you to prepare workplaces and client areas, it is much more comfortable to perform your duties in a fresh room, and the absence of dust has a positive effect on people’s health.

    Evening office cleaning

    Cleaning of offices in the evening, after the end of the working day, allows you to tidy up the premises, preparing them for a new working day. This can be an enhanced one-time cleaning with signs of a general one, or a regular procedure that is done daily. Evening cleaning of offices is carried out after employees leave their workplaces. It does not distract, passes unnoticed, and the premises, rooms and tables are always kept clean and tidy. Cleaning in the evening is especially important for offices, where there are a lot of visitors or the specifics of the work, contribute to pollution and create clutter after a hectic day.

    Office cleaning after renovation

    High-quality cleaning of the office after renovation is very important, the microclimate of the room will depend on it. Dusty surfaces will cause allergies and alienate visitors. Cleaning of premises on its own does not allow for 100% to restore order. Here you need professional cleaning using special equipment. It is carried out by masters of their craft. Cleaning after renovation is carried out: in office premises; in service and technological areas; at industrial and production facilities; on the trading floors of industrial and food groups; in any commercial and warehouse premises.

    Benefits of cooperation with office cleaning company MANZANA

    Calling MANZANA, you can order cleaning in the office for any day, including urgent service – today for today. We are located in Kiev, leaving for Obolon, Akademgorodok, Goloseevsky, Svyatoshinsky, Pechersky, Dneprovsky, Darnitsky and other areas of the city. The MANZANA company is the best price for office cleaning services, the ability to choose a schedule, order a full or partial cleaning of the premises. If you need a high-quality service and an honest price, call us and we will make your office clean, create maximum comfort and coziness in it.
    Advantages of concluding a contract for cleaning services for an office in Kiev:

    • no need to keep a permanent employee or several employees on staff to ensure cleanliness and order, that saves company funds;
    • execution of all types of cleaning work by qualified specialists who know the peculiarities of caring for various types of surfaces; have experience in using special equipment and cleaning agents;
    • the use of professional equipment by employees of the cleaning company, which allows them to perform work in the shortest possible time with a quality guarantee.

    The price of cleaning service depends on the volume and list of works, the frequency of their implementation. The estimate is drawn up at the stage of preparing the contract, agreed with the customer. Order office cleaning from professionals and free up working hours and necessary funds for running your main business!

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