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Manzana company offers a range of services to protect your employees from viral diseases, which includes the provision of personal protective equipment, disinfection of the room and quartz room

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In the process of quartzization perish:

Infectious microorganisms





Yeast, spores

In order to prevent viral diseases, MANZANA offers:

Quartzing – This is a room treatment with a special lamp placed in a case made of quartz and emitting ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses on any surface and in the air. Therefore, quartzization can be considered a very effective disinfecting procedure. With wet cleaning using antiseptics, floor, walls and furniture can be cleaned of harmful microbes, but they will still remain in the air.

This property of quartz ultraviolet lamps has made them indispensable in medicine. With their help, disinfection of premises in medical institutions is carried out – this measure can significantly reduce the risk of contracting diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets and protect people whose immunity is reduced from infections.


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