Minor repairs in the office

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Discuss tasks with the manager

What repair “cares” will we take upon ourselves?

Office furniture repair

Plumbing repair

Mounting/dismounting decoration elements and equipment

Replacement of bulbs, inspection of outlets

Loading work

And much more

How do we carry out repairs?

100% safety precautions

For your company, we single out our super-manager who solves ALL problems and is responsible for communication

Quality control of work performed

We pay maximum attention to the level of our employees, officially employ them, comply with the norms and laws in accordance with the Labor Code and the provisions on labor protection

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    Minor repairs in the office is a service that provides both the elimination of current problems at the facility and the implementation of preventive measures. In addition, specialists constantly monitor the state of communications and systems. This allows you to identify the problem at the stage of origin. In this case, it can be eliminated both cheaper and faster. The competence of workers includes utilities, technical structures and equipment used in the building.

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