How is office cleaning calculated?

The Manzana company brings purity and joy to people’s lives. The scope of our services includes cleaning of offices, apartments, cottages and other facilities. Experienced trained masters are ready to perform the most complex tasks. They will clean the apartments and office efficiently and in a short time, clean the rooms, corridors, food and sanitary areas.

What is included in the set of measures for cleaning office premises

  1. Уборка помещений офисов по утрам – осуществляется до того, как начнётся рабочий день сотрудников. Это позволяет привести в порядок кабинеты, столы, освежит поверхности, что положительно сказывается на самочувствии и настроении рабочего коллектива.
  2. Офисное вечернее убирание – рекомендуется делать на предприятиях, где после рабочего дня полы сильно загрязняются, в офисах с высокой проходимостью, когда рабочий день сотрудников начинается рано, в 5-6 часов.
  3. Срочная уборка офисных помещений – проводится при необходимости, по вызову, не зависимо от времени, оно оговаривается с клиентом.
  4. Уборка помещений офисов в выходные дни – проводится в субботу или воскресенье, рассчитывается на всю неделю. Это хороший вариант для небольших коллективов и офисов с малым потоком клиентов.
  5. Генеральная уборка – проводится 1-2 раза в месяц, иногда чаще, всё зависит от степени загрязнённости и договорённости. Генеральная уборка мощнее и интенсивнее ежедневной, включает дополнительное использование технических и моющих средств.

Daily office cleaning involves dry and wet cleaning of surfaces, mirrors, mopping, sanitation, dust removal from objects, walls, computer equipment, wiping doors, legs of chairs, etc. The range of general cleaning, in addition to the listed services, includes stain removal and full cleaning of upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs) using special equipment. Washing windows, removing dirt and dust from hard-to-reach places, cleaning radiators, air conditioners, batteries, etc. After any cleaning, the rooms look clean and well-groomed, they want to work efficiently.

Преимущества компании Manzana:

  1. Качественное выполнение работ;
  2. Квалифицированный персонал;
  3. Заказчик сам выбирает график уборки;
  4. Заключается договор на услугу;
  5. Используется безопасная химия;
  6. Применяется спец. оборудование;
  7. Выполняется любой тип уборки;
  8. Персонал проходит обучение;
  9. Приемлемая цена высокое качество.

How is the cost of cleaning rooms and offices calculated?

When ordering office cleaning, you should understand how the cost is calculated. Having made an application, you get a price list of prices, from it you select the necessary services, the cost is calculated relative to them. Also, the price depends on the area of ​​the room, furniture and equipment located in it. A comprehensive general cleaning contains its list of services, ordering it, the calculation is made by quadrature, which should be removed. For a more detailed calculation, the manager visits the facility, the amount of work is determined, then a contract is drawn up and signed, which describes all the services and their cost.

The advantages of ordering a cleaning by a cleaning company

The work of the cleaning company is designed for high quality and speed of implementation. It not only replaces full-time cleaners, but also saves the budget. Cleaning office premises in the morning or in the evening, carried out by incoming workers, is cheaper than the salary of regular staff. Next comes the quality, our employees undergo training, use professional chemistry, which cleans well and is completely harmless to humans.

General cleaning allows you to tidy up the office premises, make it new, as after a repair. A big plus of quality cleaning in the convenience for employees, they do not have to clean themselves, as well as for visitors, it is much more pleasant to sit in a clean office. Hence the increase in sales, saving management from the selection of personnel (cleaners). The entire burden of cleaning and personnel is transferred to the shoulders of cleaning companies, which allows management to focus on professional work, this brings more benefits and money to the company.