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Procurement of primary fire fighting equipment

Fire extinguisher recharge

Fire hoses

Fire safety consultation

Fire extinguisher instruction

Insulation resistance measurement

Fire control of your company

100% safety precautions

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    СTimely work on reloading fire extinguishers and rewinding fire hoses is, first of all, your safety. We will not only carry out all the necessary work, but also advise on the required number of fire extinguishers and their types in your office based on fire safety rules.

    And if you don’t know how to use a fire extinguisher, our specialists will carry out fascinating training: at a special training ground, each training participant will be able to try each type of fire extinguisher to extinguish various interior items. The entire fire extinguishing process will be monitored by experts to ensure safe training.

    MANZANA will help to provide your office with everything necessary with regard to fire safety:

    • Purchase of the primary fire extinguishing means
    • Recharge of the fire extinguishers
    • Rewinding of the fire hoses
    • Consultation of the fire safety engineer
    • Briefing on the use of fire extinguishers
    • Measurement of the insulation resistance

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