Maintenance of engineering systems

A set of works to ensure the durability of engineering systems and the smooth operation of facilities and structures

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Maintenance of engineering systems includes:

Контроль работы систем вентиляции и кондиционирования

Обеспечение работы систем водоснабжения и канализации

Системы СКД и СКС

Контроль за системами электроснабжения и освещения

Проведение мелких работ (от ремонта техники, до погрузочных работ и демонтажа)

How do we organize the smooth operation of an engineering system?

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    One of the activities of «MANZANA» is maintenance. Our specialists implement a set of works that guarantee durability for engineering systems. As a result, the risk of malfunctions in the operation of offices and other buildings is minimized.

    The competence of specialists also includes all possible problems related to energy supply. Employees of «MANZANA» not only eliminate the existing problems, but also carry out preventive measures that reduce the risk of problems in the future. In addition, the client receives detailed explanations of the cause of the occurrence of a particular problem, which also allows further avoidance of breakdowns.

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