What includes the office cleaning service

Clean office, restless love and quiet, good health, good engine and progressive development engine. Stan ofisu є your frequent valuation of clients and partners to a self-company. “MANZANA” has one of our servants from the general cleaning of office. Tse usuvaє problems, getting involved in hiring a cleaner, allowing you to utterly clean all of the office in cleanliness.

Relocate the cleaning process to your company

Dusty window sills, dirty panels, smelling bad of bathrooms, can push away the lion’s share of potential buyers, customers of services. Two or three times a month should be a general cleaning of the office, consisting of a set of measures. Cleanliness is maintained by daily procedures (mopping, mopping up, cleaning bathrooms). General cleaning of the office is a system of events outlined by the customer, carried out at a strictly designated time. In general, the customer receives quality service at an affordable price, saves on monthly salary payments to hired employees.

What is included in the service?

The company “MANZANA” prazєєindividualno with the skin, the client can vibrate the range of services that are relevant for the new office. As soon as I regularly clean up the okremiy perelik robot, then the list will be included in the general list and additional functions will be entered.

  • Dust removal of furniture and office equipment;
  • Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Wet cleaning of the floor, other surfaces;
  • Putting in order mirrors and glasses;
  • Wipe doors from dust and dirt;
  • Collection and removal of garbage, waste paper;
  • Washing windows from the inside and outside;
  • Removing contaminants from household appliances;
  • Cleaning sofas, armchairs, chairs;
  • Washing lighting;
  • Cleaning in bathrooms, disinfection, etc.

How is the cost of the service calculated?

The cost of general cleaning services in the office is calculated based on the area of ​​the premises, the complexity of cleaning, the amount of furniture. Also important is the number of selected services. One needs to wash the windows to a shine, rub the mirrors, a large chandelier, for other customers the priority is cleaning upholstered furniture, washing suspended ceilings.

Our advantages:

  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Determination of the list of services by the customer;
  • Conducting general cleaning at the office at any time;
  • High-quality cleaning at an affordable price;
  • The conclusion of a service contract for any period;
  • The ability to review the contract at any time.

You send us a request for a service, our manager will contact you and negotiate all the points. The works are carried out strictly on time, professionals are working, modern equipment is used, detergents safe for human health.

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