What is the cleaning of office premises after repair?

No matter how neat the repair team may be, but after the completion of work, there is always a large amount of debris, stains and dirt. Removing them as soon as possible is in the interests of any office owner, because in a total mess, employees cannot fully perform labor duties. Of course, on their own to give the room the proper appearance is not necessary. After-construction cleaning is a service that many metropolitan companies provide.
It allows you to delegate such specific tasks to specialized companies that have professionals in their staff. At the same time, the customer receives all the necessary quality guarantees.

Cleaning office space after repair: the main stages

The measures taken may vary depending on the company providing the service, the specifics of the office, and the degree of pollution. However, the basic measures taken can be distinguished:

  • washing doors, mirrors, glass surfaces;
  • cleaning walls, floors and ceilings;
  • removal of pollution from lighting devices (chandeliers, lamps);
  • furniture polishing;
  • cleaning of upholstery and fabric details of upholstered furniture;
  • cleaning, mopping;
  • cleaning hard to reach places;
  • work with plumbing (washing, disinfection);
  • tiled wall cleaning;
  • window cleaning;
  • cleaning the headset in the kitchen.

During the cleaning, workers use specialized chemicals and technical equipment. That is why the customer gets the result much better than in the case of household appliances. As a result, the owner of the premises is given a completely clean office, which he can inspect upon completion of work.

Post-construction cleaning of the premises: what determines the price?

Companies providing such a service, as a rule, do not have a clear price list. The final price depends on several factors and can vary significantly. The main pricing criteria are:

  • The area of ​​the room. It’s simple: the larger the office, the lower the price per square meter. Thus, a miniature room can be cheap if you take into account the total amount, but expensive if you determine the payment per square meter.
  • Degree of contamination. Premises that are very clogged after repair cost significantly more than small litter.
  • The work of builders in the cleaning process. Cleaning office space after a repair is more expensive if the repair is still ongoing.
  • The presence of a workflow in the office. Office workers and numerous visitors interfere with the cleaning process, so this factor may serve as a reason to increase the cost.
  • A large number of furniture. As a result of this, of course, the volume of work increases, which affects the final price.

As you can see, everything is purely individual. By the way, many companies regularly hold various campaigns to attract new customers. Thus, you can clean the office, also saving a lot of money.

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