In Ukraine, electronics are disposed of according to European standards

Manzana, one of the market leaders in the field of office equipment processing, reports about signing of the contract with the international chemical and pharmaceutical concern Bayer. Under the agreement, several hundred units of computer and office equipment were utilized.

Manzana experts note that this cooperation should be an example for all companies and enterprises using office equipment, as the issue of disposal of obsolete equipment among many Ukrainian companies is now very acute.

” the disposal Procedure is performed according to all the rules of both Ukrainian and European legislation. We understand that legal support of such processes is a zone of special responsibility, so we pay special attention to it “, – says Anna Solovey, Director of the Department for work with clients of Manzana.

According to her, all decommissioned electronics are divided and sorted into homogeneous materials. All the received materials, in turn, are sent for processing, which allows them to be used in the production of new equipment.

Recall, today in Ukraine the volume of purchases of office electronics should be a balanced decision, because the issue of its subsequent disposal can bring a lot of trouble in the legal aspect, in terms of unplanned financial costs, and as the execution of the order.

” these trends are due to the tightening of state control over the process of disposal of waste office equipment. Therefore, the office, purchasing the appropriate equipment, should determine what amount of equipment will be optimal in the context of its efficiency during use, as well as in the context of its disposal in the future”, – says Anna Solovey

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