Key points of post-construction cleaning of premises

Serious repairs always lead to the littering of office space. Cleaning is necessary to carry out as quickly as possible, because in such conditions, employees can not perform their duties. It is not advisable to carry out cleaning on their own. First, it is difficult without special equipment, skills and knowledge. Secondly, it is a long time, but the simple operation of the company is a loss.
The way out in this situation will be a service that many Ukrainian companies offer-post-construction cleaning of premises. It allows you to quickly give the office a perfect look without spending your own energy. Read more about this service below.

What includes post-construction cleaning of premises?

Repairs can be different, so cleaning after it may vary. Everything depends on the degree of pollution, as well as the nature of these contaminants. However, a General list of procedures that are relevant in most cases can be identified.

  • Collection of construction waste, its removal. This includes large debris: the remains of bricks, large building materials.
  • Cleaning the floor and walls from the remains of building materials. Paint, cement, glue, other liquid mixtures-all this is removed from the surface.
  • Cleaning of carpets and fabric covers. The afterconstruction cleaning of the premises involves working also with elements of the interior. With carpets removed stains and dust layer.
  • Hardware cleaning and polishing of marble and granite floors, as well as linoleum, parquet and laminate.
  • Removal of dirt and dust from small parts: ventilation holes, radiators, skirting boards, switches, sockets.
  • Cleaning furniture. The former appearance returns both soft and classic furniture.
  • Work on Windows, mirrors and glass products. The surface is cleaned and rubbed to Shine. Professional chemicals allow you to not leave the divorce.
  • Cleaning of door blocks.
  • Washing of plumbing and surfaces in the toilet. The use of disinfectants chemicals.

Post-construction cleaning of premises: what determines the price?

Most of all, the final cost of the service is affected by the quadrature of the room and the degree of pollution. These factors determine how many workers are needed, as well as how much time specialists will spend on the task. The price depends on the complex of cleaning procedures. For example, the client can refuse to wash the Windows, thereby saving.
The time frame is important. As in any other area, in cleaning for urgency have to pay. Also remember that unfinished repairs increase the cost of cleaning. First, such conditions are more difficult for cleaning staff. Second, repairs can re-contaminate the room.
A specific figure should be specified in a conversation with a representative of the company. Do not forget that firms often provide their customers with various discounts. Perhaps you will be lucky.

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